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Gone to flush the toilet and had it not flush or after it has flushed the water continues to run? Call Mr Emergency we are the toilet experts in Perth. Having a toilet that is not working is very stressful and unpleasant. Our plumber carry on board in their vans a large variety of parts required for repairs and replacement of toilets and cisterns, they have toilet suites, cisterns, ball valves, rubbers and cistern cocks, so when we come out to do the job we can do it straight away.  

Toilets and Cisterns

We are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week, this includes every public holiday, for our customer’s convenience so you are never left long without the use of your toilet.  

There are plenty of reasons you should choose Mr Emergency for your toilet and cistern repairs and replacements. Some of these reason are: 

  • 12 month warranty on all workmanship and parts supplied 
  • Fully qualified plumbers with a minimum of at least 5 years’ experience in the field 
  • Clearly marked vans and the plumber will be neatly presented in a Mr Emergency uniform 
  • Fully stocked van so plumber is able to complete the job as soon as they arrive 

We get calls every day about all different types of toilet issues, the most common types of calls we receive each day is: 

  • Blocked Toilets 
  • Toilet not flushing 
  • Leaks in toilet or cistern 
  • Gurgling 
  • Toilet that continuously run 
  • Installation of a new toilet suite or cistern 
  • Repair of toiler or cistern 

Repairing Toilets 

If your toilet is leaking, or not flushing properly or at all our plumber can come and fix the issue no matter what the issue might be. They work on all types of toilets, dual flush, S Trap or P Trap toilets. We can repair any brand of toilet and are experts in finding the exact fault with your toilet and to determine if it can be fixed or needs to be replaced. Sometimes a plumber will find a problem but might see another part wearing out and will also look to repair and replace that part as once they are showing excessive wear they tend to go quickly so overall it will be cheaper to have it all repaired or the part replaced at the same time to prevent regular callouts by the plumber when the part fails each time.  

Emergency Plumbing & Hot Water Services

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Replacing Toilets or Cisterns 

If the plumber believes the toilet or cistern is unrepairable and needs to be replaced the plumber will advise you of the cost to completely replace the toilet suite or just the cistern. If they have the desired toilet suite you require in the van with them they will install it immediately but if you are after a particular brand or type and the plumber is needing to source it from our supplier, he will give you a fixed price for installation, go get the toilet suite and come back to install it all on the same day. If your toilet is a single flush we no longer repair these types of toilets as having a dual flush toilet is better for the environment and use a lot less water than the older style single flush.  

What brands can we repair or replace? 

We are able to repair and replace almost any brand of toilet and cistern but we do work with a large selection of brands on a regular basis. We worked with Australian made and a lot of the popular imported models. The list of the mains ones we work with are Estilo, Fowler, Imperial, Porcher, Donson, Monda, Irwell, Caroma, Stylus, Kohler and Raymor