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Having issues with you hot water not being hot enough or none at all? Call Mr Emergency Plumbing we are the hot water specialists in the Perth area who can come and repair your hot water service, so you are back to having reliable hot water again.  

solar hot water

We have many customers ask us why should I go solar and what is the benefit to me? Well there are several benefits to why you should have solar over the rest, it will reduce your energy costs considerably as it is drawing the power from natural and renewable sources to heat your water, which majorly reduces greenhouse gas emissions. You are helping the environment as well as saving money, plus the government give you rebates to thank you choosing solar which makes the bill even cheaper, lastly having solar power can increase the value of your property. Who doesn’t like to help the environment and save money at the same time? 

The solar hot water systems can be either gas or electric boosted so you are never left without hot water on those not so sunny days. The booster will kick in during the periods where there is low sun so it heats up the water that way instead so you really can have 24/7 hot water. The estimate saving on your electricity bill if you opt for Solar is approximately 60-80% off your yearly bill in comparison to an electric hot water system. 

We are available to come and repair, replace or service your solar hot water service 24/7. We work with all the major brands in the market such as Chromagen, Rheem, Rinnai and Dux, we can also work on other brands if your brand is not on that list, or if you request a certain brand for a new supply and install of a unit, we may have to order the part or system in for you as we mostly carry the main brands parts we use each day.  

Emergency Plumbing & Hot Water Services

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If you are needing a new replacement system or solar panels to be replaced this can usually be done on the same day as you call, a new service or replacement of the solar panels can be a costly charge, which is why we have an interest free payment term for eligible clients to partake in. When a plumber is at your premise working out what is the best system for you to have if you are needing a replacement, they take in consideration a number of things like the amount of people living at the premise, the size of the premise and how the hot water is used in your house in relation to how many bathrooms, or washing machine size and dishwasher etc. Our quotes are obligation free as well.  

Some of the reasons our customer call us regarding their solar hot water service are as follows: 

  • General Maintenance and servicing the unit 
  • Damage to the unit or solar panels either by weather or physical damage 
  • Leaking Panels 
  • Faulty gas or electric booster 

When the plumber arrives at the premise to repair or service your solar hot water system, their van they arrive in is full of parts and tools to get your job completed as soon as they arrive at the premise to do the job. All our plumbers go through ongoing training so they are up to date on the all the latest technology that is available. All our workmanship and parts are covered by our 12 month warranty and insurance. Our plumbers are all fully qualified in both plumbing and gas fitting so no matter what the problem you are experiencing with your solar hot water system you can be sure they will be able to fix the job from start to finish.