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Have you got a gas water heater and the pilot light won’t stay lit? Give Mr Emergency Plumbing a call and we will send one of our hot water specialists out to see what the problem is with the heater. 

Gas Hot Water

Gas hot water heaters are the most popular form of water heaters. They are cheaper to run and allow you have instantaneous hot water all day and never have the stress of running out of hot water. You can also get gas hot water storage units if that suits your home better. Having a hot water unit over an instantaneous system is better in power failures as no electricity is needed for the units so you can still have hot water when you are needing power for an instantaneous one.  

Gas units are great for rural properties or properties that don’t have gas mains as they can be connected to LPG as well as Natural Gas, they store the water inside the tank and pilot light is continually burning to maintain a safe temperature inside the tank to prevent bacteria growing in the tank, the main burner extinguishes once the water reaches a certain temperature and only ignites again when the temperature gets too low again. Most gas units have a 3-5 star energy rating. 

Instantaneous gas hot water heaters (also known as continuous flow) do not store water anywhere, the system is very compact and only heats the water when you need it. When you turn on the hot water the system will ignite and heat the water instantly for you, this saves a lot on power and gas costs as it is only using the power and the gas when you are requiring hot water. Instantaneous heaters can be compatible with Solar, LPG and Natural gas and with the energy efficiency usually have a 5-s star energy rating, which is great for the environment and even better when you receive your energy bills each quarter. The older model of these types of systems had the pilot light ignited all the time which was wasting gas, but with upgraded models that are now electric ignition, they are cheaper and more efficient to run.  

We are able to work on all the major brands in the market and keep the parts for 90% of the jobs were are called out to do each day regarding repairs and servicing of a gas hot water heater. The main brands we work with each day are Rheem, Dux, AquaMax, Rinnai, Vulcan and Bosch plus plenty of others. We are hot water heater specialists so there is nothing we can’t do in regards to hot water heater repairs, servicing and installation of a new heater.  

Emergency Plumbing & Hot Water Services

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We understand that replacing a water heater is a costly experience and usually happens quite suddenly so you don’t get any warning to save up before it goes. We offer an internet free payment option through Certegy for eligible customers, so all the approved customer needs to pay on the day is 10% deposit and the rest via a regular fortnightly or monthly payment to take that stress away from having to find a large sum of money quickly or the thought of going without hot water for a long time till you have saved the money to have it replaced.  

For the convenience of our customers we are available 24 hours a day, every single day of the year including every public holiday so matter when you hot water system requires attention you can rest easy knowing we can have a plumber out to you any time of the day or night.